About the creator

My name is Livia Jovanovic, I am an illustrator and concept artist.
Apart from doing illustrations for books and concept art for TV shows, I also work in gaming industry.
My greatest passions are history and military strategies, and a special place in my heart is held by ancient civilizations, myths and fairy tales.
I’ve always admired the adaptability of the human race, regardless of where they are, regardless of almost impossible conditions and geographical or any other obstacles and difficulties.
I find very interesting their relation to nature, with some sort of awe that produced various mythologies, and their ability to use natural surroundings for their protection and as an advantage against potential enemy attacks. As a result, I focused more on a variety of strongholds, forts and their legends.
Additional contributors

The title Otherworldly Realms was created by Bilka Barac, my great friend and comrade- in-arms who helped to build this project by not just being a translator and adviser, but also the driving force and one of the conceptual creators of this work.

For customer service and inquiries, or if you have any other questions, contact: otherworldlyrealms.p@gmail.com